Beta-Test Leading

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Gamers Score Gains

We have created the perfect environment for gamers like you to be the first to test web3 integrated mobile games. Become a Beta Tester to unlock rewards for making games Ready.

Become a Beta Tester
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Conquer the Web3 Gaming Space

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Test new-to-web3 games

Get rewarded for finding bugs and defects

Access cross-game NFT items

Earn tokens

Grow your XP

Discover secret levels and hidden perks

Earn bragging rights

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Join the largest web3 gaming ecosystem

Guilds of gamers gear up for an enthralling journey! This is your chance to join forces with the largest web3 mobile gaming ecosystem. Get first access to games and pave the way for widespread Play-to-Own adoption. With Ready Games, your voice has the power to influence the web3 gaming space.

Become a Beta Tester